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Welcome To My Home Page -

Please Click here for my new page - www.freewebs.com/xuffyt

This page is still valid but is no longer being updated

Hi this is my homepage - Tara's. Now before you get too excited it is probably amazingly dull to practically everyone! If you want to see how my mind works you can surf around, but I warn you, it isn't my fault if you get bored!

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These are the dates I have updated this webpage:

Sometime in December


Hi, I'm 16 and I sadly still go to school (duh!). This page will give a brief insight into my life and what makes me tick.

Things that are going on..
You can check out the links page which has some good links to websites, also the photo page which has an assortment of bits and bobs!

Anything else...


This is my message board - feel free to post nice stuff!

On this site there will be a lot about Xena (a TV show), if you've never heard of her don't worry, I'll forgive you!
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